Switch Modding


Modding your switches is a vital step to making a great feeling and sounding board but it’s time-consuming and impractical to have to buy the tools to do it yourself just to modify one batch of switches. I have all the necessary tools already as well as experience in lubing well over 1000 switches so there’s really no reason to struggle through it yourself anymore.



This price covers the cost to lube 10 switches with a selection or combination of Kyrotox GPL 205g0 and GPL 105 oil. Customers are also welcome to include their own preferred lube if they would like something other than the Kryotox options mentioned before. The price only covers the labour charges and the cost of shipping the switches to me is not included and will be left up to the client.

If you would like a batch of switches lubed, (for example, enough for a 60% then you would need to add 7x of these to your basket.)


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