Desk Disconnect Kit


An amazing looking minimal solution to cable management combining the sleek engineering of a push-pull connector with the flair of a paracord colour of your choice.



The idea for this kit came around after I had decided that I was no longer a fan of chunky aviators and long coils and instead wanted a simple and minimal but effective solution. After some research and some valuable information from the community, I found a list of parts that would work to deliver me my desired outcome. This is what we’re left with.

This kit includes the female panel mount lead as well as 1x male lead going to the connector of your choice. The disconnect can be any 4-5 pin connector that you can find with a panel mount female connector. As for colours, if you can find the colour of paracord than the chance is I can use it to make up a cable. All you need to do is include the specifics in the order notes or contact me through my Discord or Email with your order number so I can keep track of everything. You may also order additional leads and include the colour options for them as well in order notes if you choose to do this the connectors will need to remain the same in order to ensure compatibility.

*The price above is only a baseline, depending on the connectors you opt for in your kit an additional payment may be required.*

Please note that in order to allow the level of customizability that I do, I make each kit to order meaning that unfortunately, lead times can be a little longer than you’d expect as I need to source the parts for each job. Typically this shouldn’t be any longer than 2 weeks though the client will be kept up to date with progress regularly.



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