Board Desoldering


Desoldering switches to re-use them or the PCB in a future build is a great way of building new feeling boards without needing to spend all that money on a new board. With this service I will desolder and clean your PCB as well as remove any residual solder from the pins of the switches so that they’re completely ready to be used again in the future.



The price listed above is for the labour alone, if you would like the board rebuilt or the switches modified in any way once they’ve been removed you will need to add those labour costs to your cart as well.

After de-soldering, it is not guaranteed that the PCB will be fully working as sometimes damage can occur to the contacts during the process. I will work to remedy this should any issues arise though please note that this risk is minimal on most boards.

If you are de-soldering a board and would like me to rebuild it as well, then you can use code “REBUILD5” for 5 off your total order.


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