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If you’re looking to join the rest of us in the world of custom keyboard enthusiasts but you don’t have the confidence to build a board yourself, let me help. With this build service, you can either provide me with the parts or the funds to purchase the parts directly to me and I’ll do the work for you.



The above price is for the labour of building your board alone, before or after purchasing the labour you must contact me via my Email or through my Discord to discuss the parts and shipping of said parts in order to get your board built. Stabiliser tuning is included in this price however switch modding/ filming is not meaning that if you would like to include either of those add-ons you will need to add them to your cart as well.

Dependant on how many orders I have at a time, I aim to have boards built within 3-5 days of the parts arriving with me before they will be shipped back to you. Lead times may vary however due to potential parts needing ordering and allowing time for their delivery.

2 reviews for Board Asembly

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    buy it. very good seller, reliable too

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