behind the board

This board was made for a client looking for a simple but eye-catching aesthetic. I think the RGB underglow matched with the simple colour scheme of the keycaps that is just what was achieved. Using lubed Gateron milky reds this board not only looks great, but sound sand feels amazing too. 

For the budget, I think this board really is some pretty great value for money and a great introduction to custom keyboards.


Most of the parts from this board were salvaged from The First after I desoldered it in order to repair the damaged stabiliser. While I had the board in pieces I decided that I would instead rebuild it with Tangerines and Durock stabs to remove the risk of a Cherry stab failing again in the future and also to try Tangies in something other than the Corne. Aside from the DZ60, I reused the Silver aluminium plate and case and the same 2 keycap sets though I changed the layout of them this time just to switch things up a little bit.

Build Process

Desoldering the original board, though time-consuming, was relatively painless especially considering I was removing un-leaded solder from the joints. Being the pessimist that I am, I ordered a backup DZ60 just in case I ran into any issues with contact lifting from the PCB. For the most part, I got away without any damage but there were one or 2 that didn’t look great so I opted to use the spare PCB just to be safe. Rebuilding was a pleasant experience, I ran into no issues and had it all soldered up in around 30 minutes with it good to go. All that was left to do now was mount the keycaps and see what Tangies felt like in aluminium.


Unfortunately, this case still doesn’t seem right for the Tangerines. The whole board sounds quite hollow and you miss out on the higher-pitched bottoming out of the switch. On top of that, it seems Tangies are just a slight bit too heavy for my liking, even in an actual case. There’s no disputing that the switches are incredibly smooth, especially after lubing but sadly this won’t be my daily board as I simply cannot type on Tangies for more than an hour or so. As for the RGB of the PCB, I have mine turned off. In my opinion, the only way to make a DZ60s RGB look good is with a frosted acrylic case or some form of frosted underglow.

Sound Test

The tray mount aluminium case still doesn't do justice to the true sound of lubed Tangerines however you do get more of an idea than you would from the CRKBD.