If you’re thinking about commissioning me to build you your very own custom keyboard, it’s not unreasonable to want to know little bout the person you’re hiring to build it… so here’s a little information about me, how I got into keyboard building and where I see it taking me. Enjoy!

How it started

I initially got into building keyboards after I developed finger pains from my old Blackwidow elite. I had seen some videos of custom keyboards and after a little bit of research and hearing the sounds you could get from the boards as well as the control over the components that went into the board, I was sold. From there keyboards have sucked more and more of my time, so much so that I am now offering a commission service in order to give me the satisfaction of building without having to drain my bank account.

How it's going

Since my first build, I've been hooked on building and modifying boards. Within a month of building my first board, I had ordered my second and was researching a third. I now have a diverse collection of builds in my 'portfolio' ranging from standard 60%'s to Split stepped ortho-linear boards that are missing quite a few keys... This journey has been a great experience thus far and I hope to continue developing it further than just building. So please, stick around.

What do I do?

Aside from board building, I keep myself busy at school where I am currently studying design, manufacture and computing science. They may not be the most interesting sounding courses but it's what I enjoy, there's also an added bonus in that I can transfer the skills I learn from the courses to keyboard stuff so I've got no complaints there. Outside of school I also work as a bike mechanic which has definitely been an interesting experience over the last few years. then, of course, there's what I do at home if I'm honest there isn't all that much that doesn't relate to school or board building, though unsurprisingly I do indulge in the odd game of call of duty.

The future...

While building and modifying keyboards is great fun and I have no plans of stopping that anytime soon, I can't help but want more from this world. To try and resolve this sense of incompletion, I have started work on some of my own designs for boards. Within this, I intend to learn PCB design as well as using the design skills I have already developed in order to get at the very least a hands-on prototype of one of my designs. Ideally one day I will get to a point with a design that I can run a group buy but I don't think me or my designs are quite ready for that just yet. As I progress on this journey I will post updates to the site though so be sure to check that out if you might be interested in how you can potentially go from a newbie to an established designer.