It’s inevitable that not every board will go together and work perfectly every time. You needn’t fear though, this page is here to help you. The following guides are different methods to resolve various issues you may encounter while building or working on mechanical keyboards. They have resolved every one of the issues I’ve ever encountered so they will most likely help you too. If not please feel free to contact me or ask one of the many keyboard subreddits and I’m sure you’ll find a fix that works for you.


Most problems with a keyboard can be solved with a soldering iron. The most common cause for only a few keystrokes not registering is some dodgy solder joints. To fix this all you need to do is reheat the solder until it’s molten again and allow it t suck itself into the PCB. Apply more solder at this time as well if it’s needed but you won’t always need to. After re-flowing plug in your keyboard and try the switches again. If you still have no luck then you may need to re-flow the diodes of the switches, the method for this is the same, simply melt the solder and allow it to flow again before removing the iron and letting it cool If you opt to re-flow diodes please refer to another guide though as I will not be going into detail on this process.

This thread may be of use.


If none of your keystrokes are registering or you are getting incorrect outputs from them, your issue most likely lies in the firmware installed on the PCB. IF you haven’t already, refer to the flashing guide in order to obtain key information on how to flash a PCB. Re-flashing follows the same idea, you follow the same steps only you will need to try some different firmwares. While your board is plugged in, it’s sometimes worth clearing the EEPROM to see if that fixes your issues as well. After you’ve got the new firmware onto the PCB all you need to do is retest and hopefully, you’re good to go.


After re-flashing your board if you are still not getting anything to register from your keyboard then you probably have an issue with the drivers on your keyboard. The fix to this problem is incredibly simple but back when I first discovered it after building my first board, it took quite a while to figure it out. I only know how to do this on Windows, I have yet to try it o mac though I’m not sure if the same issues arise on a mac so Apple users may not need to use this fix. The first step is to open the device manager (right-click windows > device manager/ open search bar and search “device manager”). Once you’ve made it this far, locate the Keyboards section and click the drop-down bar. Now all you need to do is uninstall every driver under this category and restart your PC. You may need to repeat this process 2 or 3 times but it should fix your problem.

Last Resorts

If you’re still having issues with your board and none of these solutions have helped at all, then it may be time to consult the army of keyboard Redditors who are ready at any time of day to come to the rescue. They will most likely have some other fixes to try or at the very least be able to provide you with the contact details of someone who may be able to help. If that fails then it may be time to cut your losses and try again… You’ll get there eventually though if I can fix a board anyone can!