behind the board

This board was made for a client looking for a simple but eye-catching aesthetic. I think the RGB underglow matched with the simple colour scheme of the keycaps that is just what was achieved. Using lubed Gateron milky reds this board not only looks great, but sound sand feels amazing too. 

For the budget, I think this board really is some pretty great value for money and a great introduction to custom keyboards.


as the client a son something of a budget, we had to work to find the best looking parts within their budget. In the end, we went with a DZ60 Rev3.0, GMK screw-in stabs as cherry clip-ins are just not worth the money you save, a carbon fibre plate a frosted acrylic 60% case and a white and grey keyset, all from KBDfans. The switches we went with were Gateron milky reds as the client wanted a reasonably light linear and to get the absolute most out of them, I lubed them with 205g0 and GPL 105. 

Build Process

As is to be expected with a DZ60 build, soldering the board was pretty painless and only took 3 minutes or so to get all the switches soldered down. the only problem I ran into throughout the entire process was fastening down the PCB to the case as the plate had a slightly different hole layout from the PCB meaning I could only screw down 3 of the 5 mounting points. aside from that, the board was perfectly working after a re-flash and all that was left to do was record a sound test and take some pics.


Typically I’m not a fan of RGB I keyboards, that being said, the underglow on this case looks great in my opinion. There’s something about the diffusion of the acrylic that just looks really good to me. When you pair that underglow with the relatively minimalistic keycaps you get quite an effective aesthetic to encase the Milky reds that provide such a great thock for their price.

Sound Test

If you want to hear these lubed Gateron Milky Reds in action, feel free to watch the sound test below!

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