behind the board

This was the very first keeb related thing I built, as you can see in the images the soldering really isn’t the greatest but in my defence, I was using a pretty appalling iron and unleaded solder. I can confirm that the soldering has improved since this macro-pad though. I got the board from the extremely friendly guys over at Mechboards who have done nothing but welcome me to the community as well as help others whom I have introduced to the world of keebs.


The RoMac comes as a kit from mechboards that includes the base plate, the standoffs, the PCB, 15X diodes, a controller of your choice as well as an acrylic controller cover and 12 of the switches you choose. If you ask them nicely they’ll also throw in enough keycaps to fill the board. For this build, I went with a Pro Micro for the controller and Kailh Box Royals for the switches. My thinking for the switches was that a heavier switch would work better to reduce accidental key presses.

Build Process

This macro pad is great, it hasn’t left my desk in all the months that I’ve had it and I use it frequently for all sorts of day-today tasks to improve efficiency. Not only is it practical but it’s also a great kit to practice on if you want to learn to solder before building your first board. 

Whether you’re an experienced builder or a first-time newbie, I highly recommend this pad for its practicality alone. The fun of the build process is just an added bonus!


If you spend any reasonable amount of time at your desk then this macro pad is a must-have addition. Its compact size and ability to alter the keymap on the fly with VIA makes it an incredibly valuable piece of tech to keep on your desk. On top of that, it’s a fraction of the price of any prebuilt versions of this kind of product and serves as a great kit to learn to solder on or just to refresh your skills.