behind the board

The first full board I ever built and the build that started it all. This 60% will forever be remembered as the board that got me into this obsession and has since caused the majority of my money to be spent on things that go “thock”. My reasoning for building this board was after a couple of months of using Razer greens in a Blackwidow elite, my fingers had started to ache and get super stiff. With this in mind, I set out to find the parts to make the perfect board for me so that I could type everything I needed to without being in pain. Or at least that was my excuse, the real reason was that I liked the sound…


As I said, I was looking for a board that wouldn’t hurt my fingers, I figured a mid-weight linear would be the best option for this as I think part of the reason greens were causing me pain as the bump in the actuation. With that in mind, I searched for the best sounding budget linear and which is when I stumbled across Gateron milky yellows and instantly fell in love. The case is the bog-standard aluminium CNC from Mechboards as is the plate. The keycaps are made up from ” different sets, the first being a grey and white dye-sub set from KBDfans and the second, a blank grey PBT set, once again from Mechboards. The stabilisers I went with were Cherry clip-ins which i have now vowed to never use again and the cable in the photographs came from the ever so talented Tokas Cable works. If you would like a great quality custom cable, be sure to go check him out and use code ‘slimfm2’ for £2 off your order!

Build process

As this was the first board I had ever built and the first time I had soldered in a couple of months I was a little rusty to start with but after 5 or so switches I started to get the hang of it and it got progressively easier. At the time I was using unleaded solder stupidly, I’ve since switched to leaded and I can vouch that there is no more necessary upgrade for keyboard building. I made a couple of mistakes on the bottom row meaning I had to re-solder some switches into the right places but I didn’t have any major issues. I also discovered that the keyboard drivers on my PC are a bit dodgy meaning that I have to go through a long-winded process of reinstalling drivers every time I plug n a new board but now I know what to do that’s a bit of a non-issue.


As far as a first board goes, I’m super happy with how this one came out. after having built many more boards since I still think that milky yellows are my favourite budget linear for both sound and feel. as for the aesthetic, it’s still one of my best looking board I think with my only complaint being that white tends to show dirt a little more. that can be worked around by just keeping your hands clean though. 

Though I may have made some changes if I was to rebuild the board today, at the time this board was perfect and I couldn’t complain about anything so I think we’ll leave it at that.

Sound Test

You'll have to excuse the dodgy stab sounds, one of them collapsed and i haven't yet gotten around to fixing it. I've learned not to use Cherry stabs again though!