behind the board

At the time I built this, it was the most ambitious build I had invested in. It was also my first split and proved to be a great introduction to the world of weird form factors. I took every step to ensure that the board was as good as I  could make it I even went so far as to order custom cut plate foam from worldspawn. The case was also a pretty interesting part of this build, being the first board of its kind to use the Hilbert Curve infill.


The parts list for this board isn’t exactly short so I shall keep the introduction brief. I was set on making this board perfect so to do so I researched everything I could customise within the board and bought it. These parts were, the Prime_E PCB from PrimeKB, laser-cut plate foam from worldspawn keebs, Durock L4,s lubed with 205g0 and GPL105, filmed with keeBo films, Durock smokey stabs, 2 artisans from Mizeocaps and a transparent purple case from P3D.

Build process

This was probably one of the easiest build experiences I’ve ever had. The PCB soldered really well and not having to worry about bottom row layouts etc just made that even easier. Getting the first few switches in with the plate fam was a little fiddly but after a little pressure, I got the switches seated properly and soldered down. The best part was that there were only 2 stabilisers so I didn’t need to bore myself lubing a whole boards worth. Once the board was soldered, assembling it into the case was also extremely simple, all I had to do was stick rubber feet onto each of the mounts on the plate and then align it with the case and fasten it all down. P3D did a great job with the design of the assembly. 


I love how the board came out, the deep purple with black caps really stands about and with the 2 artisans on the edges there’s a nice element of flair to the whole aesthetic as well. In my opinion, the thumb clusters could e improved a bit though they aren’t bad by any means. aside from that, my only complaints are that the case sounds quite hollow when typing, this could easily be fixed with some foam underneath the PCB but I haven’t gotten round to doing that as f yet, and the artisans aren’t a very tight fit on the switch stems making them prone to coming loose if you catch them with a nail on a keypress.

Sound Test

Get an earfull of the sweet thocky goodness created by those stylishly coloured pink and grey Durock L4's with the link below!