What to expect?

The following page will provide you with all the information you could possibly need in order to get the parts you want from their individual selves, crafted into a stunning custom board. The services I offer as standard are all listed though if you have a more obscure project in mind please feel free to just send me an Email or message and we’ll sort something out. Please also don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before contacting me or filling out the service forms. This is to ensure full transparency with all clients and to keep everything as smooth as possible.

Switch Modding

£ 0.25 From
  • Variety of Lubricants
  • Filming
  • Frankenswitches


£ 40
  • Full Board soldering
  • Frequent Progress Updates
  • Discounted Switch Modding


£ 50
  • PCB Cleaning
  • Switch Removal
  • Discount on rebuild

Switch Modding

Being the most repetitive part of the keyboard building process I certainly don’t blame you for opting to get someone else to do it for you. Leave it to me to make your switches feel like butter and thock like an old IBM. I’ve spent an unmentionable amount of time Lubing and modding switches so I think it’s fair to say I’ve somewhat perfected my method of getting the absolute most from my switches. If you’re interested in enlisting my services, simply complete the form above or send me an Email.

Build Service

Building a custom keyboard can be a daunting thought so if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, let me do it for you! I’ve had plenty of experience with a soldering iron on things like complex circuitry for high-end luminaires, making connections in wireless receivers to send and pick up Bluetooth signals and now, plenty of keyboards. I’m happy to work on most projects and I strive to offer the best price that I can. To achieve these prices I will create a tailored quote specific to you alone based off of the parts you would like in the build to guarantee that the price you pay is fair. On top of this, if you opt to purchase my build service, I will also offer a discounted rate on switch modding to show my appreciation for your business.


Everyones least favourite part of custom keyboard building, de-soldering is always a pain so why not pay someone else to suffer through it instead? While I can’t guarantee that the desoldered PCB will be fully functional as this is quite an unpredictable process, I will do my level best to ensure that all the contacts on the PCB remain undamaged. This service can also be offered alongside the build service as I can desolder one board to change various parts, though if you wanted to switch just the switches and re-use the PCB some issues may arise. As long as the board has been soldered with lead solder we should be fine though. To talk further about the practicalities of desoldering a board please complete the above form or ping me an Email.

Terms & conditions

  • If parts are being provided by the client then after they have been modded or assembled they will be returned in the same packaging they arrived in unless this is not possible.
  • I cannot be held liable should any damages occur to parts while they are in transit either to or from me. You will be provided with evidence that the board is fully working before it is posted back to you.
  • Any damages that may occur to any parts during any of the services I provide, if unavoidable will be at the expense of the client.
  • If I am at fault in the unlikely event a component is damaged, then the client will be reimbursed and a new component organised.
  • If a project takes longer than the quoted timeframe, this will be communicated to the client and discussed further. In the unlikely event, this occurs, it will be discussed and resolved with any affected customers.
  • If the client is providing key parts like the PCB, they must test it before shipping to ensure that it is fully functional, it will then be re-tested upon arrival with me
  • ┬áContacting me does not guarantee that your project will be accepted however it is unlikely it will be turned down unless I get particularly busy.
  • Any other terms or conditions stated in conversations between a client and myself must also be agreed to in order for me to accept your work.

By continuing with the process of enlisting my services you are agreeing to the previously mentioned Terms and Conditions and accept responsibility for all scenarios mentioned above or in further conversation with myself.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do i know i can trust your services?

While I’ve only been building keyboards for the best part of a year, I have been honing skills that relate to board building for years. I spent all of the summer of 2019 working with PCB and lighting equipment and I’ve been working as a Bike Mechanic for the last 4 years. Alongside my employments, I have also been studying design and manufacture throughout the entirety of my school life and have come to gain a broad understanding of how things go together. I have a passion for working with my hands and it’s something I greatly enjoy, I take pride in all the boards I build so I can promise you, your board will be treated in the same way I treat any board I’m building.

Will my board get a build log?

While I don’t have time to do a build log for every board, if requested by the client I can provide one so long as the build process of their board differed from the other boards that already have logs. Alternatively, if the board was an intriguing concept that may entertain readers, I would also provide a build log. So, not every board will get its own log but everything I build will be photographed and added to the gallery of other boards. On the other hand, if your board was particularly interesting to build or had a peculiar design but you did not want me to post a build log, you can simply communicate to me that you would rather I didn’t write one.

What happens if a component arrives with me damaged?

If I receive a damaged product then the client will immediately receive word from me concerning what component is broken and what the next steps are. These will typically be either ordering another component direct to me or the client shipping out another of the components to replace the damaged one. Alternatively, if I have something that would work as a replacement on-hand, this would also be a possible resolution.

Whats the best way to contact you?

I’m active on most social media platforms, all of which are linked below but if you would like greater certainty of a response or you have a more formal query I ask that you please contact me via Email as it makes it easier for me to compile a history of our discussions.

What if my finished board arrives damaged?

If a board arrives with the client and is not fully working after being tested before leaving my premises, this would need to be taken up with the postage service which will typically be Royal Mail or whoever they transfer to in your country of residence. I will assist you along the way to increase the chance of reimbursement and I will offer a repair service, free of charge.

Why should I go custom

It’s more a question of why not. Custom boards allow you an unmatched level of customizability to give you the ability to create the perfect board for your needs. In our ever more tech-reliant world, it makes more and more sense to invest in a keyboard perfectly tailored to you to ensure that you remove any risk of causing damage to your fingers from hours of typing. For online school, a 9 to 5 office job or competitive gaming, a custom keyboard will improve your experience infinitely.