The following logs posts are logs of keyboard build for both myself and customers as well as some other odds and ends that I’ve worked on previously or are currently in the works. Go indulge yourself in all this keeb goodness and take a minute to appreciate the painstakingly well-lit photos

This was my very first experience with the world of custom keyboards and was very kindly provided to me by Mechboards UK. The RoMac is a great practice project for any first-time builders and it also makes a great addition to any desktop with the additional functionality of those 12 extra keys. If you haven’t got a RoMac or another flavour of macro pad, I highly recommend if you value productivity.

My first full build and the board that started it all. This DZ60 build has to be good if it’s what influenced all these other builds… I was set on a subtle, minimal aesthetic and I would say I succeeded, what do you think?

This board was a fun build the first time around, the second and third time, not so much… I had countless problems with this board and you can read about them all, enjoy!

The plastic Fantastic was the first board I built fora customer so it was something of a stressful build. It’s not that it was complicated, more that I was building it for someone else so if I messed it up it would actually matter. In the end, though, it was all working and the customer was happy with the end product. All is well that ends well eh?

At the time, this was my most extravagant build, I customised every component that I could, plate foam, spring swapping, custom artisans and a ‘gasket’ mount case. On top of the lubed and filmed Durock L4s,  this board came out pretty nice and was a great introduction to the world of split keyboards.

SMD soldering was a method that i hadn’t yet tackled when it came to keyboard building. This board was a true test of my soldering experience and was a great challenge. In the end, I came out with I think my favourite keyboard as of yet and it has been sat on my desk as my main ever since.

Another customer build, this budget board ended up looking amazing with the underglow. When the minimalistic grey and white caps are paired with their red accent and the vibrant underglow, I really enjoy the aesthetic this board provides. I’m typically not a fan of RGB but something about this board seems to have changed that, temporarily at least.

Re-using the case from ‘The First’ i built up this DZ60 with C³ Tangerines. While the case doesn’t do the best job of showcasing the true sound profile of the switches, it does provide a pleasant typing experience with the slightly heavier switches than I’m used to.

A pair of boards, 1 being a custom and the other, a commission. These UT47.2’s are quite the pair. Both cases use the aluminium case, though the white one was custom powder coated in RAL9016 White to give it an incredibly clean aesthetic when matched with the KAT BoW keycaps atop the lubed and filmed Purple Trash Pandas. 

Custom cables for keyboards are no new concept, adding fancy, stupidly overkill connectors to them isn’t breaking new ground either. However, when I came up with this idea, I had never seen anyone combine the 2 quite as I have. Since the initial unveiling on Reddit, I have seen a couple of peoples ideas which were similar but not quite the same, using 90-degree connectors or things like that but no one that I’ve seen had thought to use a panel mount connector.