Scouse Twitch and TikTok personality is best known by his original fan base for the ‘Laddish’ humour of him and his friend’s party chats from games of the hugely popular battle royale Call of Duty Warzone. Since his initial success with his earlier videos, he has now been signed to an Esports team as well as secured his spot in the Twitch partner program in almost no time at all. The growth he has experienced has been crazy and to be a part of his journey deeper into the world of content creation has been a great experience and I wish him all the best in the coming months and years.

The Board

The case Luke opted for was a Tofu60 from KBDfans in black, this is by no means the most extravagant case on the market but the aesthetic it provides for its price point is simply unmatched. Like all true TikTokers, he opted with lubed creams for the switches that were then paired with a brass plate to offer some ‘gold’ accents behind the keycaps. This was all topped off with a set of white, grey and black dye-sub caps as well as some Durock V2’s lubed with 205g0 and SuperLube to create a solid, minimal board.



An architect student turned content creator. Arki is known for his short but informative tech videos on TikTok and more recently, YouTube. It is because of the incredibly friendly and supportive community that he has worked to build in his Discord that I am where I am today. There are of course other factors contributing but the support that I have been offered from the server members, as well as Arki himself, has kept me motivated to pursue this passion to build, modify and design premium custom keyboards. Behind the screen, he is an incredibly friendly and genuine guy that is willing to have a chat about anything, whether that be coping with COVID or choosing what camera gear to buy. He is for sure going places!

The Board

What I sent Arki isn’t technically a keyboard, however, it is a macropad. The RoMac to be exact. I built it with lubed and filmed C3 Tangerines (205g0, 105 and Deskey films). To end up with a simple but great-looking little pad to take your productivity to the next level.


Lava is best known for his outlandish and over the top setups. He also creates tech videos of the steps he takes to improve these setups as well as the products that he adds to them as time goes on. I have to admit, if he had a soldering setup as well, I think his office could be dream-worthy…

The Board

Another 60% build, this time using the low-profile aluminium case in silver with a matching aluminium plate to house the gem-like switches that are, of course, Tangerines. These switches were only lubed as he didn’t ask for films. For the stabilisers, we naturally opted to go with Durocks though in this case, they were V1’s.

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I am a design and manufacture based student that is working to provide my customers with the highest quality keyboards for as approachable a price as possible. A pleasant typing experience is becoming essential in our increasingly digital world and I aim to fulfil that need to the highest standard I can. On top of offering a commission service, I am also working on some designs for my very own keyboard line so make sure to stick around!


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