Black &

behind the boards

A pair of boards, 1 being a custom and the other, a commission. These UT47.2’s are quite the pair. Both cases use the aluminium case, though the white one was custom powder coated in RAL9016 White to give it an incredibly clean aesthetic when matched with the KAT BoW keycaps atop the lubed and filmed Purple Trash Pandas. 


In the Black board, I used lubed and filmed Alpacas underneath Infinikeys Candyabr WoB. As I mentioned already, the white board is using lubed and filmed Purple Trash Pandas. Both the boards are using v2 durock stabs though there is only 1 in each board.

Build process

As both boards were hot-swap, building them was pretty simple. Typically I’d say painless but in the context of the white board that wouldn’t be true. The plate was so tight that it took upwards of 40 minutes to mount all the switches and come to the end of the torment I had a very clear imprint of a switch stem in my thumb. Once all the switches were mounted it was super easy to just press the whole plate into the sockets at once which helped make up the lost time on mounting the switches in the first place.


So far, the UT has been my favourite board so far. The sound profile gained from the hefty alu case. Alpacas may also be my favourite switch, for the moment at least. The overall aesthetic of the board is super clean and when pictured with the white board, it’s undeniably beautiful. 

I can’t speak for the customer when it comes to the white board and I’m personally not the biggest fan of the Pandas, however, I think this is the cleanest looking board I have built as of yet. The powder coating matches with the keycaps perfectly and once all assembled the simplicity of the board just makes it look great to me.

Sound Test

Lubed and filmed alpacas with Infinkeys WoB and Lubed and Filmed Purple Trash Pandas with KAT BoW. Get a load of this!