Behind the project

Custom cables for keyboards are no new concept, adding fancy, stupidly overkill connectors to them isn’t breaking new ground either. However, when I cam up with this idea, i had never seen anyone combine the 2 quite like I have. Since the initial unveiling on reddit i have seen a couple peoples ideas which were similar but not quite the same, using 90 degree connectors or things like that but no one that I’ve seen had thouught to use a panel mount connector.


As I wanted a good selection of cables to match the various GB deskpads I currently have on order, I bought a decent variety of paracord and sleeving to make the perfect combinations to go with the colourways of the mats when they finally arrive. As for the connectors, I found a seller that sold Refurbished Lemo connectors for a pretty enticing price so I bought 4 males and 1 female panel mount before setting to work.

Build process

Having never built cables before this was definitely a new experience. They were certainly a lot more fiddly than soldering a board but come the 4th cable I had developed something of a technique that made it significantly easier and so much faster. Soldering the USB ends was totally painless, the only part that caused any struggle was the leftover solder in the Lemo connectors making it difficult to fit the cables in. After a length cleaning process though I managed to get the old solder out and from then on it was smooth sailing. 

With all the cables soldered up and tested all that was left to do was heat-shrink them and make them look pretty for pictures, or so I thought. Once I had finished with the heat-shrink I found that the USB C end would press into the housing instead of plugging into the PCB so I had to go back through them all and fill them with a little hot glue to properly finish the cables off.


With all the cables finished and fully functional, I’m super happy with how they came out. The final product both looks amazing and functions perfectly as well. My only complaint is that my desk is too thick to use the threads on the female connector but I managed to fasten to the connector to a hole in my desk with GripFill so it’s not going anywhere. The modularity of this system is great as all I need to do to change the cable to a better fitting colourway is pull out the old and clip in the new. Not only does it work well for swapping cables, it also removes the issue of having to figure out what to do with your cable as well making it even simpler to use.

If you’re interested in your very own Desk Disconnect kit then head over to the shop and pick up a kit and some leads for yourself today!