The best sounding feeling looking keyboards out there.

Who am I?

I’m currently a student focusing on Product Design and Manufacture with an ambition to make a mark in the world of Bespoke keyboards. I’m based in the countryside of Sunny Scotland though it’s worth noting that I am by no means isolated from the outside world. As of right now, I am currently working on some personal projects that you may be able to get your hands-on, so be sure to stick around to see what comes of them.

Build Logs

If you would like to find out more about what went into each of my builds, these are a great place to start. With a full parts list, a reflection on the build process and my overall review of the finished board, you can find all you could possibly want to know in one place. However, if by some miracle the logs leave a question unanswered, please don’t be shy to contact me to shed some light on any other queries you may have.  



My personal method on lubing switches, complete with images of each step as well as a video of the whole process to give you all the information you could need in order to lube your first batch of switches and mod your first set of stabilisers.


Building a keyboard can seem daunting at first, this guide will walk you through each individual step to ensure you understand everything and go into your first build feeling confident that you know exactly what to do.


It’s inevitable that not every board works perfectly, this is a guide to walk you through fixing problems that I have encountered with methods I know have worked for me. whether its a hardware issue or software, we’ll get it fixed!


Experienced build service

I have been building keyboards for quite some time now ad I’ve been soldering for even longer. Having worked on complex lighting PCBs as well as intricate wireless receivers, keyboards have felt pretty natural to me. I have experience in SMD soldering as well as through-hole meaning that no matter the project, I should be able to help you out.

Trusted lubing service

Being the most repetitive and arguably most boring part of keyboard building, why lube your switches yourself when you can get someone who has already lubed countless batches and has near perfected their technique. While I can lube tactiles, linears are my forte as they are my switch type of choice so I take a great deal of pride in finding the perfect method to lube such switches.

Unmatched customer service

Keyboards are more than a hobby to me, aside from building them and deciding on specs, I really enjoy helping answer any questions people have about the world of custom keebs. I am a part of many discord server where I offer my two cents on part choice as well as just general questions. Throughout any commission service, I will also ensure to keep you as well informed as possible so that you can be confident you are getting the best possible service.